Data Sets

The data included in these databases can be used, free of charge, for research and educational purposes. Copying, redistribution, and any unauthorized commercial use is prohibited. The use of these databases is restricted to those individuals or organizations that obtained the databases directly from this website. We request any researcher reporting results which use this database to acknowledge the database by citing the publication reported on each database web page.

Corneal Nerve Tortuosity Data Set

The dataset consists of 30 images from the sub-basal corneal nerve plexus, acquired in normal and pathological subjects. The manual grading of the corneal nerve tortuosity is provided.
Chromosome Data Set for Classification

The dataset consists of 5.474 single chromosome images extracted from from 119 cells manually segmented and classified by an expert cytologist.
Corneal Image Sequences for 3D Reconstruction

The dataset consists of 3 sequences of respectively 85, 127, and 144 images from Corneal epithelium layer to Corneal endothelium taken from 3 patients by confocal microscope.
Retinal Vessel Tortuosity Data Set

The dataset consists of 60 images of retinal vessels from normal and hypertense patients: 30 images of retinal arteries of similar length and caliber, 30 images of retinal veins of similar length and caliber, and Matlab data structures (separately for arteries and veins).
Chromosome Data Set for Segmentation

The dataset consists of 162 PAL resolution Q-banding prometaphase image acquired from 117 cells and of the corresponding 117 manual karyograms.
Corneal Nerve Data Set

The dataset consists of 90 images of corneal sub-basal epithelium from normal and pathological subjects.
Endothelial Cell "Alizarine" Data Set

The dataset consists of 30 images of corneal endothelium acquired from 30 porcine eyes stained with alizarine red and the corresponding manually segmented images.

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