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Automatic Nerve Tracing

Corneal Nerve Data Set

Corneal Nerve Images [.zip] [size: 3.59MB]


The dataset consists of 90 images of corneal sub-basal epithelium from normal and pathological subjects.

  • 90 images of corneal sub-basal epithelium.

  • Acquisition instrument: ConfoScan 4 confocal microscope (Nidek Technologies, Padova, Italy)

  • Field: 460x350 μm at 40X magnification

  • Image Format: JPEG compressed, monochrome, 768x576 pixel digital images

  • Source: Nidek Technologies, Padova, Italy

We request that any published material reporting results using data from this dataset acknowledges it by quoting the following publication:

F. Scarpa, E. Grisan, A. Ruggeri. "Automatic recognition of corneal nerve structures in images from confocal microscopy". Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 49(11):4801-7, 2008


All the images in the NERVES database are compressed in one zip file of approximately 3.6 MB.

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