Chromosome Data Set for Segmentation

Original and manual karyogram images
[.zip] [size: ~12.5 MB]

The dataset consists of 162 PAL-resolution Q-banded prometaphase images, acquired from 117 cells and of the corresponding 117 manual karyograms.
The number of the prometaphase images is larger than the number of the cells, since occasionally the karyotype was spread over an area larger than the field of view, so that several images were needed to compose the whole karyotype .
Manual karyotyping was performed by an expert cytologist.

  • 162 prometaphase images.

  • 117 manual karyograms.

  • Acquisition instrument: optical microscope

  • Image Format: BMP, monochrome, 768x576, 8 bits/pixel (PAL resolution).

  • Source: TesiImaging srl, Milan, Italy

The acquired images and the karyograms of the same cell share the same cell identification number in their file name.

We request that any published material reporting results using data from this dataset acknowledges it by quoting the following publication:

E. Grisan, E. Poletti, A. Ruggeri. Automatic segmentation and disentangling of chromosome in Q-band prometaphase images, IEEE Trans Inf Technol B, 2009.


All the images in the NERVES database are compressed in one zip file of approximately 3.6 MB. Click on the button below to start the download.

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