Chromosome Data Set for Classification

Single chromosome images
[.zip] [size: ~10.5 MB]

The single chromosome images are manually segmented end classified by expert citologists from 119 cells of both normal and pathological subjects.

  • 5.474 single chromosome images, grouped into 119 folders (cells) each containing 46 chromosomes.

  • All chromosomes are polarized, i.e. rotated according to the international system for cytogenetic nomenclature (ISCN).

  • Image Format: BMP, monochrome, 8 bits/pixels.

  • Source: TesiImaging srl, Milan, Italy.

All chromosomes belonging the same cell are contained in the same folder. The name of each folder is the cell identificative number (e.g. '1','2','3',...). The name of each chromosome image contained in the folder is made by the folder/cell identification number and the chromosome class (e.g. '1 2a.bmp' and '1 2b.bmp' are two chromosomes of the cell '1' that belong to the class '2'; '107 13a.bmp' is a chromosome from the cell '107' that belongs to the class '13', ...).

We request that any published material reporting results using data from this dataset acknowledges it by quoting the following publication:

E. Poletti, E. Grisan and A. Ruggeri. Automatic classification of chromosomes in Q-band images. 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE-EMBS, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, August 20-24, 2008


All the images in the NERVES database are compressed in one zip file of approximately 3.6 MB. Click on the button below to start the download.

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